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The ATR Stop Loss Indicator
See how Stop Loss Indicators keep you on the right side of the market. These indicators could have allowed you to make substantial profits during the recent financial crisis.
November 2015 - From Vimeo, director Joe Gaudet brings us "From The Vally of the Seven: Confessions of a former Swiss Banker." This is an insite to how the banking cabal have humanity controlled with unpayable debt and the workings behind the curtain of high finance. Well worth your time.

From The Valley of The 7: Confessions of a Former Swiss Banker from Joe Gaudet Director/DP/Editor on Vimeo.

December 2013 - Victor Sperandeo's presentation outlines the fiscal probabilities for hyperinflation in the U.S. if it remains on it current course. Victor is one of the best traders and research analysts out there and knows how the Wall street markets work. In this hour long presentation he talks about future probabilities for investors, savers, and retirees, and how they can protect themselves from a possible U.S.dollar crisis. Well worth your time.

Why U.S. hyperinflation is coming?

December 2013 - Is the U.S.Government broke or can they keep printing QE dollars until the economy gets up and walks on it own? Greg Hunter talks to Professor Kotlikoff about the long term U.S. 200 Trillion deficit and a bill they are trying to introduce to the U.S. congress. Yes, you read that right, 200 trillion. How can this ever end well?

The 200 trillion U.S. dollar deficit.

November 2013 - Former FED Official, Andrew Huszar apologizes for QE. Andre Huszar admits that the FED knew in 2010 Quantative Easy wasn't working and it should have been stopped. Now the new FED Chairwoman Janet Yellen who is considered a dove will likely keep printing money for the foreseeable future until employment numbers improve etc. etc. etc.

Video has been discontinued. See article "here".

November 2013 - High Frequency Traders Front-run Global Markets scalping profits of the the top from the institutional and retail investors. It appears all markets are being manipulates in one form or the other. Big investment banks can start the ball rolling relying on the HFT to complete their price manipulation. Here is a documentary on one of the Quants that informs the viewer about the world of High Frequency Trading. When you see the big price moves in the gold and silver markets and most other markets, these are the people making it happen.

High Frequecy Traders - Front-Running

November 2013 - How the U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury Work - Mike Maloney from Gold/ produced a series of videos called "The Hidden Secrets of Money" outlining the history and role of gold in the monetary system. This one is called "The Biggest Scam in Modern History." This series is very well done and well worth your time. Taking a complex subject and breaking it down so the common man can understand.

The Biggest Scam in Modern History

November 2013 - USA Wealth Distribution - This video outlines what the perceived, ideal, and real wealth distribution is currently in the U.S.A. While the powers that be generate a myth that things are getting better, the poor, middle class, and even the rich are falling behind. While we watch as the U.S. stock market continues into record highs only a few at the top are benefiting.

U.S.A. Wealth Distribution

October 2013 - Jim Sinclair - Mr. Gold. Is your money safe in the bank or will it be exchanged for worthless shares should it fail like the Cyprus depositors. Mr. Sinclair has been advocating GOTS (Get Out of The System) before bail-ins occur. Many countries in the west have passed legislation that depositors will be bailed-in should their bank fail in a future financial crisis. In this rare interview with Jim Sinclair, Greg Hunter from U.S.A goes one on one with Mr. Sinclair.

Jim Sinclair - Mr. Gold - Get Out of the System

October 2013 - Karen Hudes - World Bank Whistle blower - Is there a cabal running the affairs of the world? Karen Hudes was the senior legal counsel for the world bank for 21 years. In this revealing interview she exposes the corruption at the world bank and the entities behind the corruption. She's got a tiger by the tail for sure because these entities won't go down without a fight. We agree that a new monetary system is on the horizon and we wish her well. Note - She also misquotes the amount of gold (300 tons) that German asked the U.S.A. to repatriate.

Karen Hudes - World Bank Whistle Blower

February 2013 - USA Watchdog's Greg Hunter interviews Fabian Calvo from No about the curent state of the U.S.Housing market. There has been some improvment in the U.S. housing market especially in the most depressed areas like Pheonix, Florida and Las Vegas. Is this a real recovery or the set up for another housing bubble.

The Fabian Calvo Interview

February 2013 - Doug Casey interviews Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Capital about the curent state of the U.S.and Global economies and where individuals should be looking to place their investment dollars. He also talkes about the U.S.Judicial system in regard to his father imprisonment.

The Peter Shiff Interview

January 2013 - An intersting presentation by Grant Willaims from Singapore about bubbles and where we are in the U.S. bond and gold bubble phase. Time should soon tell if he is correct.

The Grant Willaims Bubble Presentation

January 2013 - An intersting interview with Greg Hunter of U.S.A. and Catherine Austin Fitts (See bio in a preceeding vido clip). She talks about U.S. gun control, drug laundering by big U.S. banks, currency issues and gold and silver.

The Catherine Austin Fitts interview

January 2013 - An intersting forcast for gold from James Turk, head of Gold Money, and why he forcasts a gold prices of $8000 or higher in the 2013-2015 time frame

The James Turk forcast

December 2012 - How Gold and Silver Prices are ManipulatedGold and Silver price manipulation at the Comex has been a hot topic of late. The big short positions in Silver and Gold by JP Morgan and HSBC over the last few years has never really been understood. The Kitco interview with Vince Lanci outlines how these manipulations take place, who actually does the manipulation, and how the big banks get the pass by the regulators for this continued practise.
September 2012 - A Cambridge House interview with Billionare Frank Giustra. In the seesaw world of inflation vs deflation, Mr. Giustra takes the inflation side and puts his money were his mouth is. Gold is currently banging on the $1700 dollar mark after a long consolidation that has shaken many gold investors out of the market. Watch and listen to some interesting insites, one being the age old trading adage to be right and sit tight.

The Frank Giustra Interview

August 2012 - It is obvious something is very wrong in the western world. The controversial movie "Thrive" is a video documentary that attempts to outline the current global problems humanity faces. It supports many of our thoughts in what is currently taking place in global finance, medicine, politics, and military agendas. In this high speed information age it is important for individuals to become informed and enlightened to what is moving and directing our destiny. There are many moving parts to what is taking place globally and the Main Stream Media obfuscates many important issues. Although some of the information is perhaps utopian, conspiratorial, and has a New Age slant, it encourages critical thinking. Question everything! Visit the "Thrive Movement" web site.

The Movie "Thrive." Better to view here or watch on Ytube

July 2012 - A Casey interview with David Stockman, former Director of the U.S. Office of Budget Managment under the Reagan administration. The global economy is headed for collapse due to the huge debt. Ponzi economics if you will.

The David Stockman Interview

Market Outlook May 12, 2012
Problems in Euroland once again. Gold prints a major sell signal. Global market downturn in the making. Is QE III on the horizon?
April 2012 - Another interview on the topic of gold and silver price manipulation and how it works with Chris Martenson and Harvey Organ.

The Harvey Organ Interview

December 2011 - We have mentioned in previous articles that we have come though the eye of the financial huricane that started in 2008 and have entered the other side of the storm, perhaps the most violent side. As the crisis in Europe unfolds we get a glipse of the coming problems in Japan and the United States. This interview with hedge fund manager Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital outlines the probable outcomes as time moves forward.

November 2011 - With Europe's sovereign debt problems causing financial angst we have another great interview with James Turk from Gold Money and Eric Sprott from Sprott Asset Management on the reasons to own precious metals.

Eric Sprott Interview

September 2011 - Most gold and silver investors know by now that gold and silver spot prices have been terribly manipulated by the COMEX paper market. This looks like it is comming to an end with the introduction of "PAGE" (Pan Asian Gold Exchange) and a new gold and silver contract being introduced by China. Once competition comes to the existing futures market, expect gold and silver to break free of the shakels that has hampered its true price discovery. - An interview with James Turk of Gold Money and Ned Naylor-Leyland.

Ned Naylor-Leyland Presentation

August 2011 - An easy to understand study of the historical value of gold and silver - A presentation from Mike Maloney from This presentation is over an hour long but well worth the time.

Mike Maloney Presentation

August 2011 - Watch this excellent interview with Jim Rickards on gold - An interview with James Turk of Gold Money and Jim Rickards.

James G. Rickards talks to James Turk

August 2011 - Silver The Investment Of The Next Decade - An interview with James Turk of Gold Money and Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management.

Eric Sprott Interview with James Turk


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