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We are committed to provide affordable products and information to help you become a better trader.

DSG Tradewise

DSG Tradewise is an educational enterprise committed to providing traders with affordable software and trading information. Our initial software release "Trade Manager Pro," and the associated book "Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan" are products that can help novice and experienced traders become more profitable by teaching them how to develop a personal trading strategy.

To be proficient at trading, you have to develop a trading style that conforms to your personality and risk profile. There are many black box products on the market that claim to be the Holy Grail for trading. In truth, there is no Holy Grail. If these black box systems don't match your personal trading style or current market conditions, you won't feel comfortable using them. Your trading plan should be personalized, so that you can feel confident and comfortable trading.

Developing your personal trading plan takes considerable time and effort, but once your plan is in place, the actual act of trading becomes reasonably easy. You may have heard the saying, "To be profitable at trading you have to let your profits run and minimize your losses", but how do you consistently do that for every trade? As a trader, you have to develop a sound trading plan, have a good psychological mind-set, good money management skills, and have sufficient risk capital to trade effectively.

Whatever type of trader or investor you happen to be, having a plan to take you in and out of the markets can lead to better profits.

The "Trade Manger Pro" software and the book "Trading Your Way: Develop a Personal Trading Plan" can help you develop the required skills, and provide you with the tools, to become a better trader.

We also provide other articles and videos to enhance your trading experience. Check back often for new information and services.

Why Trade

Individuals are attracted to trading for two main reasons — for the freedom it provides and the opportunity to make money. Trading is also one of the easiest business to get into, yet has one of the highest casualty rates. Approximately 85 to 90 percent of new traders go broke within the first year. They fail by failing to plan.

If you can consistently make money trading, the benefits are:

You can be your own boss, work from anywhere you can access the Internet, work your own hours, work alone or with a group of others, and have complete control of your life.
Opportunity to make money
In theory, the sky is the limit - it all depends on how well you trade.
Minimal start up Costs
All you need is a computer, Internet connection, software, risk capital, knowledge, and a trading plan.

If you are interested in winning in the market place, take the time to develop a structured trading plan and the skills to trade your plan. You will be glad you did!