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Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan - eBook

Manage Trade Risk, Monitor Your Trading Performance, Test Your Strategies

Now you can manage your trades like a professional. Keeping track of your trading performance and trading capital are hallmarks of successful traders. The "Trade Manager Pro" software, developed for the modern MAC OS X operating system, will automatically track your trades, manage risk, calculate trade size, and track your trading performance.

Also, learn how to trade at a professional level by developing your own personal trading plan and money management strategy with the book "Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan."

Develop a Traders Mind-set, Learn Successful Money Management Principles, Develop a Personal Trading Plan

Professional traders generate consistent profits by following a well thought out trading and money management strategy. They also have a special mind-set that gives them the discipline to execute their plan. A successful trading strategy includes three essential elements.

Mind-set - Psychology
Your Mind-set is the most important aspect of trading and is one of the main contributing factors in determining whether you win or lose.
Money Management - Managing Risk
Capital preservation through risk control. Professional traders manage risk religiously.
Method - Your Plan
You must have a plan that puts all the elements of your trading activity together to generate consistent profits.

"Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan" provides a framework of essential elements used in developing a personal trading plan and winning mind-set. This framework can then be applied to your personal trading style and risk profile. Having a personalized, structured trading plan will help you preserve your trading capital, stay emotionally detached, and help you become more profitable.

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Trade Manager Pro

"Trade Manager Pro"trademanagerpro.jpg was designed exclusively for the Mac OS X operating system. It will manage your trades, control trade and portfolio risk, and monitor your trading performance. Watch our Video Series and see how easy it is to use.

Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan

The new book tradingyourway.jpgTrading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan will guide you though the necessary steps to develop a personalized trading Plan.

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